Opportunities to get on

We are proud to be a business full of varied opportunities. We give colleagues the tools to shape their own future with a career path that meets their own personal goals and aspirations.

Whether colleagues want to learn and grow in their current job, find a new job in a specialist area or move to another part of the business to gain more experience, there is a variety and diverse range of career choices open to everyone working at Tesco.

Choosing one path now doesn’t mean you can’t change direction in the future. The challenges of different life stages – starting out in your career, becoming a parent or nearing retirement – may also influence your motivations.

How Learning and Development at Tesco helps colleagues to be the best they can be

We’re constantly innovating to improve learning and development. We combine traditional classroom learning with online as well as on-the-job experience.

Warm Welcome 

Our Warm Welcome at Tesco induction helps you get the best start possible as you join. During the first couple of weeks, you will learn about how we put customers at the heart of decisions every day and make connections with other colleagues. 

Our Training Academy is a learning hub where colleagues attend face-to-face courses including bespoke role-specific technical or skills training. We also offer comprehensive Leadership programmes that give colleagues the opportunity to grow and flourish in leadership roles.

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Salome Bibilash

Salome Bibilash

"I always feel that even if I can positively impact at least one person a day, I’m happy."

Katy Guilmartin

Katy Guilmartin

"I loved working in Tesco from the get-go as I’ve always been interested in retail."

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