Damian Morrison

Current Role: Store Manager

Location: Abbeyfeale, Limerick

Joined Tesco: 1990


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I’m with Tesco nearly 27 years. My career with Tesco has spanned almost three decades.

In that time I’ve worked in every line manager and senior team position in-store, from grocery to business finance manager, and everything in between.

I also completed a retail degree which Tesco funded and they also allowed me to take study leave.

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"People think retail is humdrum but on the contrary, everything changes quite frequently."

The most enjoyable part of my job as store manager is how we have to be flexible to adapt to the changing environment. It’s all about responding to what customers want and not just pushing what we want to sell. There might be roadworks outside so I’ll ring the council to find out what’s going on and whether the closure will impact our customers.

People think retail is humdrum but on the contrary, everything changes quite frequently. All of these challenges are set against the backdrop of how can I help make things work for my team, ensure the customer gets the best experience, and in turn, maximise sales for the company. That’s what inspires me and makes me want to come to work.

"The most enjoyable part of my job as store manager is how we have to be flexible to adapt to the changing environment."

Even more importantly, what I really love is the fact that, as a store manager, I have the opportunity to help people progress their careers.

You can spot that certain spark in a person that you know means they have the right attributes and attitude and, with the right coaching and training, you can put them on a career path that is life-changing for them. It can be easy to focus on sales but if you have a good team, the sales should happen anyway.

To me, it’s great when you spot someone and help them in their journey to a better career.

The Community Fund is one of the things that I feel we do really well. For example, a group might meet once a week for a tea and coffee morning and need funding to paint a community centre, or new tableware, or the local GAA might need some football cones.

Small amounts of funding can make all the difference to local groups. We’ve had fantastic feedback from local groups across Limerick who really appreciate our support.

The best piece of advice I’ve had was, “How do you eat an elephant?…One piece at a time!”

Outside of work, I train and compete in long-distance triathlons and participate in half and full Ironman’s.

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