Brian Thompson

Current Role: Love Produce Project Manager

Location: Head Office and Stores Nationwide

Joined Tesco: 1977


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My father was Eastern Area Manager and he asked if I was interested in working part-time when I finished school. 40 years later I’m still here. I’m currently responsible for all the Fresh fixtures in our stores and for training colleagues how to best care for our produce.

I love what I do. Every day I either meet someone new or I learn something new, or else I understand better ways to support people.

Recently we introduced fixtures with a wood-effect to create a market feel. We’ve also introduced new handling procedures and training to ensure we retain high product quality. This includes introducing suppliers to our colleagues so they know how to best care for each supplier’s products. The feedback from customers so far has been great.

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"I’ve always found that if you make a mistake trying to do the right thing, you will never get into trouble, you will always be supported."

We also rolled-out a new bakery look in stores. As a result of feedback from colleagues from different stores, we developed a manual on the lifecycle of each product which includes baking and cooking instructions as well as photos of what every product should look like at its best. I was really proud of this project because it helped colleagues gain more confidence and gave our customers a better service and product.

Over the years I have developed varied skills, I’ve had loads of training including, communications, and leadership training. I’ve learned how to make cheese and bread from scratch. I’ve had merchandising training. I’m even qualified to be a butcher. I also used to train section managers in the stores to deliver fresh food hygiene.

"I met my wife in Tesco."

What I love most about Tesco is the people. It’s the moment when you realise that you’ve messed up really badly and you find support comes from either side saying, we’ve all made mistakes, let’s get it sorted, retrain and learn again. I’ve always found that if you make a mistake trying to do the right thing, you will never get into trouble, you will always be supported.

I met my wife in Tesco and we have five children, two of whom work in Tesco. Tesco has supported me through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

The best piece of advice I’ve had over the years is, “Trust people to do as good a job as you think you can do. Accept that they might only be able to do 80% of the job now but you can teach them how to do the remaining 20%.”

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