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    Join Ireland's fastest growing mobile network

  • We're growing

    Join Ireland's fastest growing mobile network


"Working in Tesco Mobile puts you at the heart of one of our most innovative developing businesses"



Tesco Mobile is a developing part of the Tesco business and provides a range of job and development opportunities.

You could start your career with us as a Team Member. That could be in store, or in our ROI Head Office. From either you could develop and progress to join one of our Store Management teams or become a Marketing, Operations or Commercial Manager in Tesco Mobile.

Tesco Mobile work collaboratively with many different parts of our business. You’ll work with colleagues on your team, as well as dealing with colleagues and managers from various departments across the whole Tesco business.

Working in Tesco Telecoms puts you at the heart of one of our most innovative developing businesses. A key benefit of joining our team is that you could have the opportunity to work on one of our exciting projects.

Tesco Mobile value the knowledge, experience and talent of every one of our colleagues. By developing our business, we hope to give you plenty of opportunities to get involved in making Tesco better, together.

Matthew Berry - Head Of Commercial, Sales And Operations Tesco Mobile & Tesco Telecoms Ireland

What gets you excited about Tesco/ Your business area/ your job?
Fast paced, and things change all the time. No two days are the same!

What does the future hold for you?
I enjoy working overseas, and would love to continue to do this in my future roles. Also, I’m about to become a Dad for the first time, so excited and terrified at once!

What made you join Tesco?
They are a large blue-chip company, with plenty of resources behind them, but were still at the relative early stages in Telecoms, so it felt like an exciting opportunity to drive the business forward from a comparatively early point in its Telecoms development.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’m a big Leicester City fan, and love football in general. I’m also a geek, and love Sci-Fi, and gaming on my iPad or PS4.

What motivates you?
Doing a good job and being appreciated and respected for it.

What has surprised you about Tesco?
Before I joined Tesco had a reputation for being a tough place to work, but I’ve been surprised about the amount of support and help you get to do your job, and also develop and move your career onwards. It’s a two way street; you have to work on it, but the business will help you achieve this.

How would you describe the culture at Tesco?
Demanding, but also patient and supportive. They will allow you to take balanced risks and be entrepreneurial, something which can be quite unusual in a company the size of Tesco.